When I’m with you, the world is muted
We talk in quiet rooms, and damp the sounds
Of the world around
But when you touch me (touch me touch me)
My heart thumps like the force of
You, pressing your chin
On my lips
Me, gripping your palms
With my thumbs
Us, grinding our skulls
Til we bruise
I love the feel of
Your bones
Jammed against me
My teeth
Dug in your skin
Our hands
Flapping and clenching
You spinning
Me bouncing

You have the loudest hands I have ever seen
I could listen all day
Our bodies judder and shake
Reverberating through ourselves, the air, and each other
If sound is vibration
Our love is deafening
Drowns the ambient mess
Of the world
Wakes the butterflies in my stomach
My heartstrings resonate
With your silent hum


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